International Medical Association IMA

Continuous Medical Educational Program (CME)

Since it was founded in 2012, the main objective of IMA has been to promote and maintain the highest positive standards of healthcare, and the advancement of research programs updates, along with enhancing the clinical performance of physicians by Academic training programs, hands on Workshops, and International Medical Meetings.

Our Instructors are professors from Egyptian Universities with high expertise & Professional skills that allow us to maintain our continuous leadership in the Medical Education.

We offer a strong training development with a comprehensive understanding of the new updates in medical researches and advancements of medical devices.


IMA is initiating a comprehensive Continuous Medical Educational Program (CME) in the fields that relate to the human healthcare.

These programs include Ongoing Workshops, Training Sessions, Hands On, and Academic Meetings, these programs are accredited by the world's top Medical Accreditation Entities.

IMA is aiming to promote the world wide cooperation between all the Medical Schools and Authorities.

Conference24 December, 2020

Conference16 December, 2020

Web Conference1 August, 2020